Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Starry Night: world premiere at East Bank Theater, Bossier

Vincent van Gogh transported to the 21st century: Haley Young, Jamie Sanders

Richard Folmer on producing Starry Night, the world premiere of a play on Vincent van Gogh: "It was a great experience! The author, Paul Davids, was here for the final week of production and he stayed through the first weekend."

"It was exciting for all of us to be involved in staging a brand new work. Paul Davids and I had our differences, but they were all worked out very professionally and without angst. The cast enjoyed having input, and many changes and rewrites came from cast members as well as Paul and I."

Starry Night: author Paul Davids, Los Angeles, collaborated with director Richard Folmer

Starry Night: Sloan Folmer, Jaime Sanders

Richard Folmer, director: "The show was filmed during rehearsals as well as four times in performance. Author Paul Davids took all of the tapes back to LA with him and is the process of putting together a dvd."

"Starry Night needs work; we all know it. But it was exciting to be the first to put it on its feet and see where it was or wasn't. It was a really great fit for the Bossier Arts Council as Paul had his paintings on display during the run of the show. They will be in the Gallery until June 30."

"An original play about van Gogh, and the author's visual art on display ... What a Deal!"

Jamie Sanders as Vincent Van Gogh in Starry Night

Jamie Sanders as Vincent van Gogh

Starry Night was written by notable Los Angeles screenwriter Paul Davids. The play ran from April 29 to May 8, 2005, at East Bank Theater, Bossier City.

Starry Night: Jamie Sanders, Dick King, Susan Kirton, Richard Folmer

Jamie Sanders, Dick King, Susan Kirton, Richard Folmer in Starry Night

Starry Night was produced by the Bossier Arts Council's Richard Folmer. An exhibit of paintings by playwright Paul Davids continues to June 30 at the East Bank Gallery. Info: 741-8310.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Dancers, Mudbug Madness '05

Mudbug Madness '05

North Louisiana is a region that loves to sit and watch. If this had been a photo of a South Louisiana fest, the frame would have been filled with gyrating bodies.

Ron and Cheryl Babers Hagar, Mudbug fest

Ron and Cheryl Babers Hagar

Cheryl Babers is a well-known yoga teacher so it was no surprise to me that she and Ron danced fluently at the Mudbug fest.

Blue Runners, Mudbug Madness '05


This Lafayette-based Coonass band does it all: French traditional fiddle music, rockin' Cajun, zydeco, rock and country. Whew.

Tim Hayes, Matt Beahm; new Alligator Joes


Gonzo chef Tim Hayes has deep background in the kitchen. If Beahm matches Hayes' in expertise, Alligator Joe's Voodoo Grille, recently moved to 3100 Knight St, will be worthy of note. Live and original music is coming soon, promised Beahm.

Cellists at the SSO Picnic Pops

Originally uploaded by trudeau.

Kristina Vaska-Haas and Ruth Drummond performed solo as well as with their accomplished students at the SSO Picnic Pops concert.

Drummond will join cellist Paul Christopher at Hurley Music Building Sunday, May 29, at 3 pm for a concert of cello duos. Please see SptBlog for more info.



Artist Monica Reans and artist dad, Tony Reans, at the opening reception for painter Ray Holt. Photo by Michael G Moore.

SSO Picnic Pops concert drew 2000

Janice Adams Teague, Gary Bruns, SSO

Janice Teague and Gary Bruns of the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra are adept teachers of violin as well as performance professionals. Bruns will go to California in July to perform at the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music, Santa Cruz.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Saturday movie at LSUS presented by Thomas Avallone, Shreveport Mac Users Group (SMUG)


Thomas Avallone has performed a service by organizing the Shreveport Mac User's Group. Recently he and Colin Davidson, a Mac whiz and one of the authors of a national Mac web site, have found SMUG a new home; meetings are held in the LSUS Science Lecture Auditorium.

This week Avallone is bringing a movie-making friend from Dallas, Ryan Scott Gully, to screen his Mac-edited movie for the group and the public.

Avallone says " Admission is free and open to the public and popcorn will be provided. It takes place Saturday, May 28, at 6:30 PM." Avallone adds "Ryan is also a former Apple employee. This film is unrated, but does contain semi-adult language, humor, and situations. It may not be suitable for children. Run time is 75

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Donna Strebeck and Girls at Artspace / photo Michael G Moore


My hat is off to the quality of parenting illustrated by the Strebecks. Books and sketchpads. What a lovely life.

Enjoying Artspace: Joe Taylor, Claudia Burns / photo Michael G Moore

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Artspace visitors can warm their hands by their coffee, chew quiche (a word to the staff: warming quiche in the m'wave toughens the eggs, cheese, etc. - I'd rather eat it cold) or inhale a dessert from the mezzanine coffeespace.

Artpace: Neal Jaber, Michael Phillips / photo Michael G Moore

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Michael Neal Phillips draws a cartoon strip called Adequate Man and paints in oils. His shadowbox for the Peter Pan show was utterly charming. And he is one of the hands-on activities guides at Artspace on weekends.

Artspace: Leland Strebeck / photo Michael G Moore


Noma wrote about her first view of the new play, Museum: "Some kids from The Bottoms came in to buy candy and got sucked into
the play and stayed. It's moments like that that give me a lump in the old throat.

Chuck was really pumped about the female ex-wrestler in it,
too. I guess I tend to appreciate the para-theatrical activity that
takes place around plays more than the plays themselves.

Museum, Artspace: Robert Alford / photo Michael G Moore


Noma on the debut of the play Museum: "It's free and interesting and they deserve a fun audience. Everyone should go."

Museum at Artspace: Tia Rose, George Landrum / photo Michael G Moore


Of the new play Museum, Noma wrote, "I saw it last night. It's not half bad. In fact, it's pretty good.
The audience was into it -- never knowing who standing next to them might next be acting."

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Guitar, voice and sweet tunes: Tim Marshall, Columbia Cafe

TimMarshallColumbia Cafe

Tim Marshall, gifted singer-songwriter, is soon to release an album. Marshall's soaring voice wafts through Columbia Cafe once a month, he said.

Entertainers: Hassell Teekell, Columbia Cafe


"Hassell says he'll be back Tuesday, along with Steve Ramey," said Columbia Cafe owner Matthew Linn.

Chefs in an art cafe: Columbia's Tim Walbert


The art of cooking: chef Tim Walbert plates sauteed vegetables before adding potatoes and steak to a plate at Columbia Cafe. Day time chefs are Alvin Doss and Scott Gerardy, says Matthew Linn.

The art of the salad: Columbia Cafe's Justin McDonell


Feta cheese, all manner of greens, succulent tomatoes and olives are being put together by Columbia Cafe's Justin McDonell.

Wine Flight: the art of vino at ColumbiaCafe


Lisa Daye, Matthew Linn, Emily daye and Jared Cocke were taking part in a wine flight at Columbia Cafe. "You can choose any idea and build the tasting - 6 ozs. each - around that theme," explained Linn.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Media mavens at QuizNight / Photo Michael G Moore


Sara Hebert, Chris Jay, Judy Williams and Michael Williams were one of the numerous teams hashing it out for the Robot Quiz Night title at Artspace.

The Voice of QuizNight / photo Michael G Moore


In his element: Adam Giblin raining questions upon the teams competing in Robot Quiz Night.

QuizNight Querulity / photo Michael G Moore


Karen Wendt and Sheila Parker were convivial contestants - compas mentis, I'm told - in the Artspace Robot Quiz Night.

coolspace: Dirtfoot observers / photo Monica Stampley


At coolspace artist Conchita McElwee and husband Scott McElwee seemed to be Dirtfooters. Perhaps we should say Dirtfootians.

Dirtfoot Stomp / photo Monica Stampley

JayRobbieSara: Dirtfootdancers/photoMonicaStampley

Dancing broke out in Dirtfoot's second set at coolspace, reported Brett Roman. Jay Marks, Robbie Kluck and Sara Hebert did the Dirtfoot shuffle, aka the Duffle. Photo Monica Stampley.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Baptism: Dirtfoot filled coolspace with jivin' jammers


Pots and pans, drums, cymbals; the power engendered by two juking percussionists enables Dirtfoot to let the audience join in with the Latin Percussion shakers in the foreground.

Hazelton and Bratlie howled as Dirtfoot hooted and humped coolspace


Four sixths of the dixieland-folk rock jazz jam band called Dirtfoot. A dark mass of hungry people hung around them like wolves waiting for a meal.



Have you tried the exuberant essays spun out by Michael Parker at Red River Red ? Surely you've enjoyed Michael G Moore's seminal regional art site, NorthwestLouisianaArtGallery?



Wonder what a Dirtfoot fan looks like? Well, I'd say Anya represents the literary-minded but earthy youngsters who crowded into Artspace/coolspace to hear the band and to inaugurate the room.

MollyBrau: Project Talent self portrait at LSUS


Molly Brau, distinguished student artist from Caddo Magnet High, has work on display at LSUS gallery as part of the Project Talent show.

Caylin Colson self portrait, LSUS


Project Talent students from Caddo Magnet High have self-portraits in a show at the LSUS gallery.
Caylin Colson found a Chuck Close portrait in teacher Shirlene Alexander's classroom materials and decided to imitate the 20th century master.

Rob Peterson: artist, Loyola teacher


Checking out coolspace was Rob Peterson, teacher, artist and artmusic and cinema instigator. See dangerous p.

Lewis Kalmbach, Lisa Smith: ArtistsTransit reunion

LewisKalmbachLisaSmith: ArtistsTransit reunion

Artist Lewis Kalmbach is leaving St. Louis, he says, to return to San Francisco. Meantime he will visit Shreveport to organize another ArtPort event. ArtPort, which provides the regional art displays in the halls of Shreveport Regional Airport, has been a highly-effective fund raiser and art-consciousness raiser.

Painter Lisa Smith displayed a large, detailed canvas at coolspace. She and Kalmbach entertained themselves with the concept of an Artists Transit reunion. The Artists Transit was a considerable art commune here in the 70's.

coolspace: Phillip Brooks


Shooting a film in Shreveport this summer will be actor Phillip Brooks, who established his dramatic credentials in major roles at Marjorie Lyons Playhouse.

Karen Pendleton, Robin Rothrock


Dr. Karen Pendleton and artist Robin Rothrock at the coolspace opening.

Look for Rothrock's work at Bella Fresca as well as at coolspace. She says "There will be an artist reception on Sunday May 22nd from 5 to 9 at Bella Fresca, and you most certainly are invited to attend!" There's also a new web site: robinrothrock.com.

coolspace: Naomi, Eric Baumann


Friends of artist Robin Rothrock: Naomi and Eric Baumann are expecting a child very soon.

Evaluating coolspace: Henry Price, Freda Powell


Coolspace people: Henry Price is a painter and art superviser for caddo schools. Freda Powell is a SRAC leader.

coolspace: Bill, Diana Gingles


Painter Bill Gingles showed a piece at the coolspace opening. Gingles is the new art teacher at Byrd High School, and won kudos on his teaching from art superviser Henry Price. Wife Diana Gingles teaches math.

Tony, Danielle Reans, Michael G Moore


Painter Tony Reans and wife Danielle view Michael G Moore's large, freshly-completed canvas called Sleeping.

coolspace sounds by Gordon Nurse, Scott Griffin


Coolspace was inaugurated musically by pan player Gordon Nurse and nylon-string guitarist Scott Griffin.

Chris, Ariej Alexander


Chris Alexander was singer for Spidermidgetbitchfrog and uses the name StMarvin Cristomas, too, according to his colorful web site, whythehellnot.org. Ariej Alexander is community development director for SRAC.

Thorne-Thomsens, Sandi Kallenberg


Barbara & Fletcher Thorne-Thomsen spoke with SRAC money-raiser Sandi Kallenberg at the coolspace opening.

coolspace opening: Sara Hebert, Debbie Engle


Camera-toting Sara Hebert, KSCL manager, chatted with artist Debbie Engle at the reception for regional artists at coolspace.

coolspace: Bill Joyce, Holli Hennessey


Artspace artistic director Bill Joyce enjoyed the coolspace opening with son Jack and wife Elizabeth. Here ceramics teacher Holli Hennessey tells Joyce about a gifted student artist in her class at Caddo Magnet High School.

Bethany Sorkey, kids, Artspace

BethanySorkeykids Artspace

Artspace/coolspace is truly a wonderland for kids. Bethany Sorkey was there with children Noah, Leah and Laura this week. Noah's Montessori school classmate Jett Trudeau enjoyed the hands-on stations, too.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Dirtfoot at their Leisure / Show at Artspace Friday, May 12, 8 pm


Above one finds most, if not all, of the art-rock group Dirtfoot. Writes Lane Bayliss, "L to r, Scott Gerardy, Lane Bayliss, Matt Hazelton, Eric Gardner, Jason 'J' Bratlie. Not pictured are our trumpeter, Kathleen, and our pots 'n panman, Trey," The photog seems to have been J Bratlie.

Catch them Friday in an all-ages show at Artspace, 8 to 11 pm. Info: 673-6535.

Adam Giblin, the voice of Quiz Night, Artspace, Sat, May 14


"The idea of a quiz may sound dry, but there's lots of joking, fun and laughter in this event. People get to laugh at themselves and each other. You never know what is going to happen next when people are gathered in friendly competition," said Artspace Quiz Night announcer Adam Giblin.

Quiz Nights are commonly held in England sometimes at pubs just for fun, and sometimes elsewhere for fund-raisers. Teams pool their knowledge. "Think of a trivia game played with friends --informal, spirited, full of humor. Folks drink and snack during play. A light meal is served at intermission. This Quiz Night will maintain the English traditions while accommodating for new subjects and American ways," said event organizer Noma Fowler-Sandlin.

Emcee for the evening's activities is Adam Giblin, radio personality from KDAQ. He'll voice the questions, which are also presented on Power Point with illustrations and sometimes musical accompaniment.

More on the Saturday night event: 673-6535.