Saturday, April 30, 2005

ArtBreak spider art: Jay Marks, sculptor

Jay Marks, one of a plethora of artists at ArtBreak

A rainbow of pipe cleaners were bent into marvelous shapes and personalities when participants got instruction from sculptor Jay Marks.

Picasso Abstract Art at ArtBreak: Cathy Leonardo

Cathy Leonardo instructs Jett Trudeau, who made the papal crown in a different workshop

Cathy Leonardo, art teacher at N. Highlands and a Teacher of the Year, developed the Picasso Abstract Art activity for ArtBreak. Assymetricality and originality were encouraged by her clever, multi-step

Sunset Acres Dancers at ArtBreak

Sunset Acres Dancers

Allons danser! Brightly clad dancers alternated with orchestras, bands and combos on ArtBreak's large stage.

ArtBreak music: Annalyse & Ted Hopkins

Annalyse, Ted Hopkins

Musician daughter and dad Annalyse and Ted Hopkins relaxed after their gig on the big ArtBreak stage.

Elyse, Stephen and Stephanie Joseph at ArtBreak

Three members of the Joseph family

Elyse & Stephen Joseph kept mom Stephanie on the go; they wanted to take part in every activity in sight. And there were scadillions.

ArtBreak: racks of costumes, instant drama

His Majesty, Her Highness

Drama and costumery was not neglected at ArtBreak. The East Bank Theater's Heather Peak and Haley Young were there to make sure your script was tight and your crown was straight.

ArtBreak portrait: Curt & Casey Thurmon

Curt & Casey Thurmon

Paint galore. Guides. Parents. Proud onlookers. That is ArtBreak.

ArtBreak: the power of a djembe circle

Walter Washington, ArtBreak djembe guide

Kids love drums. Imagine your hands atop the expansive goatskin head of a large African djembe. Power! With artist Walter Washington as your coach, your percussion session will flow like a mighty river.

Oil City Dance Line at ArtBreak

Oil City Dance Line

Young dancers, musicians and visual artists had a weekend of responsibility and glory at ArtBreak.

CMHS volunteer Jacob Jennings, poet Joanna Ballard

Jacob Jennings, Joanna Ballard

Poetry Place utilized many methods of bringing word power into the air. Joanna Ballard was a tireless manager of volunteers and enticer of young wordsmiths.

She reminded me that Artspace in the West Edge will present a Play Production Workshop for children ages 8 - 12 beginning Saturday, May 7. The classes will run weekly except for a Memorial Day break on May 28 until the final workshop culminates in a public performance on June 18.

The Play Production Workshop will focus on all facets of producing a play: writing, direction and technical production.

Joanna Ballad will be the instructor of writing. John Daniel will focus on the direction and acting portion of the workshop.
Denise Peske Dews and Ben Dews will lead children in the technical aspects – costume construction and set building and associated activities.

Fee: $100. Pre-registration is necessary. There are a limited number of spots in the course. Call 673-6535 to register.

Ten movie screens: the RFC gala

Movie screens flew at Fox Creek Farms

Artist and designer Bruce Allen crafted and installed 10 flying movie screens at Fox Creek Farm for the Robinson Film Center benefit.

Susan Falbaum, RFC benefit team

Susan Falbaum at the film center benefit

Susan Falbaum, mother of Evan Falbaum, award-winning student filmmaker, is - with husband, Rand - producing Movie Sauce, a student film festival, Saturday, May 7, at Fairfield Studios.

RFC benefit: Ashley Moss, Leo Kacenjar

Shooting interviews: Ashley Moss, Leo Kacenjar

Ashley Moss is student head of the Centenary Film Society. Leo Kacenjar is an aspiring filmmaker also attending Centenary.

Robinson Film Center benefit: Bill Joyce, Henry Price, Mary Rounds

Bill Joyce, Henry Price, Mary Rounds

Robots designer-producer Bill Joyce enjoyed chatting with artist Henry Price and Mary Rounds, principal of Caddo Magnet High School.

Chris Whitesides, movies and records

Chris Whitesides, movie maker and record producer

High-energy former Shreveporter Chris Whitesides is producing music and movies.
He came to the Robinson Film center benefit to trim The Terms sound. From their web site: "Chris Whitesides, who cut The Sidewalks' CD in August 2004, was hired to work with Maple Jam Records. He will do the sound and ensure the stability of The Terms' momentum."

More about this former Shreveporter's multifarious activities soon.

Clyde Hargrove: The Terms

Clyde Hargrove of The Terms

The Terms filled the dance floor at the Robinson Film Center benefit. They played tunes from Small Town Computer Crash, their new CD.

Movie figures at the RFC Gala

Students from Caddo Magnet High added color to the film center benefit

Colorful figures at the Robinson Film Center Gala benefit: Grace Reynolds, Kira Colvin, Carol Jones, Gabrielle Reynolds and Mark Rozeman.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Shreveport Mac Users Group: David Harvey

Mac Users: David Harvey / photo Colin Davidson

David Harvey is a computer consultant and new Mac devotee - the latest product, a Mac Mini - who likes his iPod for teaching spinning classes.

Spt Mac Users: Don Echols, Forum News Creative Director

Don Echols, Forum News / photo Colin Davidson

Forum News creative director Don Echols knows his Macs. And we admire his design work and photography.

Diane Woodward, S'port Chamber Singers

Diane Woodward, S'port Chamber Singers / photo Colin Davidson

At the Mac Users meet, at the LSUS SciLecAud, Diane Woodward told me that the Shreveport Chamber Singers - Diane is a member of the choir - will give a concert Tuesday, May 3, at Hurley Music Building, Centenary College (7:30 pm).

SMUG meeting: George Gehrig

George Gehrig, LSUHSC / photo Colin Davidson

George Gehrig is a clinical associate in Orthopedic Surgery at LSU Medical Center. At the recent Shreveport Mac Users Group (SMUG) meeting he posed thorny, important questions about blogging ethics and liabilities.

Film activity spills over into Lil Joes rock club - bar

Bill Daniel / photo Monica Stampley

Screening his Hobo documentary in a rock club: filmmaker Bill daniel.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Jalepeno Sutton's turntablistics at Lil Joes

Jalepeno Sutton / photo Brett Roman

Carter J Sutton, aka Jalapeno Sutton, jmoved a lot of air and moisture at Lil Joes before and after the Mars Vegas performance, said Brett Roman. DJ Scary G was also working the sound and MC'ing. Continued Roman," Wow, what a party last night. Shreveport, the sleeping giant, has woken up!"

King Hippo aka Chris Jay

King Hippo at Lil Joes Tavern / photo Brett Roman

Laying down the gospel according to Fellini is media man King Hippo.

Lil Joes: Mars Vegas debuts Ghost Town Flood CD

Lil' Joes Tavern / photo Brett Roman

Lil Joes Tavern crowd as seen from Brett Roman's side of the stage.

Brett Roman and Chadwick Leger of Mars Vegas

Mars Vegas rhythm section

Bassist Brett Roman is spokesman, photographer and observer of the scene. Chadwick Leger provides wicked smiles as he pounds the skins.

Josh Coker / Mars Vegas at Lil Joes

Josh Coker

Josh Coker is lead singer, guitarist and principal songwriter for Mars Vegas.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Jerry Davenport / Artspace

JerryDavenport / Artspace

Photographer Jerry Davenport instructs kids and parents in the hands-on art experiences available upstairs at Artspace on weekends.

Fontaine & Nesbitt spin at Artspace

Kathy Fontaine and Rebecca Nesbitt at Artspace

Kathy Fontaine and Rebecca Nesbitt, fluent dancers of a MidEastern/Egyptian/belly/tribal style, danced for a spontaneously-gathered audience as they made a performance video on a recent Saturday morning. The side light from the upstairs windows is enchanting.

Lisa Waddell / Cafespace

Lisa Waddell / Artspace

Lisa Waddell, formerly with Columbia Cafe, has joined the cafe at Artspace. Here she poses with the salad, quiche and soup of the day.

Artspace: Rebecca Eskew with students Matthew Parks & D'angelo Pouncy

Linwood teacher Rebecca Eskew, Matthew Parks, D'angelo Pouncy

After examining the sketches behind the movie Robots, this trio lined up for a Saturday lunch of quiche, soup and juice at Cafespace, 710 Texas.

Artspace: Sandi, Tobias, Gregory, Heidi and Daisy Kallenberg

Three generations of Kallenbergs visit Artspace

Sandi Kallenberg has been one of the chief architects of the center. Her son Gregory and family live in Austin."For all of its activity and culture," said Greg and Heidi,"Austin doesn't have a center like this."

Friday, April 22, 2005

Tipitina's Co-Op, downtown S'port: Barbara Jarrell, Amelia Blake

Singers Barbara Jarrell, Amelia Blake

Among the more successful singer-guitarists in the area are Barbara Jarrell and Amelia Blake, here checking out the software at Tipitina's Music Co-Op, 700 Texas St.

Tipitina's Co-Op Shreveport: Gerald & Murphy Edwards & Dan Garner

Gerald & Murphy Edwards & Dan Garner

Musicians Gerald and Murphy Edwards at Tipitina's Foundation Music Co-Op, which recently opened at 700 Texas St. Members get access to hardware, software as well as business and production oversight from musicians like Dan Garner, office manager.

SSO Superheroes concert: Doris Wills & DeLinda Wills

SSO- Doris Wills & DeLinda Wills

Doris Wills and DeLinda Wills enjoyed the SSO concert from choice seats in the balcony.

SSO: teen fans

Chris Fields, Anna Hauser

Chris Fields and Anna Hauser enjoying the Symphonic Superheroes concert. You can also find Anna volunteering at the box office before SSO concerts. There were teens top to bottom at the concert. The film score music was percussive and rhythmically powerful.

David Akers, Fred McClanahan and son Kyle at the SSO

Akers and McClanahans

Inasmuch as David's wife Jennifer Akers is an SSO staffer, he is a regular volunteer. Fred McClanahan is a former president of the board of directors.

SSO: the Jordans


Dr. Paul Jordan and wife Linda are regular and voluble patrons of the SSO.

SSO: the Way family and friend

SSO: the Way family

Avery, Savannah, Melissa and Bruce Way are joined by friend Lee Ann Puffenbarger. Families with children made up a considerable part of the audience at the Superheroes concert.

SSO: Elizabeth and Bill Lacefield, Jennifer Akers

Elizabeth and Bill Lacefield, Jennifer Akers

Bill Lacefield has served the Shreveport Symphony as accountant for some years, trying to combine retirement with his demanding volunteer post. Here he chats with wife Elizabeth and SSO development director Jennifer Akers.

SSO audience: James and Deb Cockerell


Enchanted Garden, the charming everything-shop on Line Avenue, is the product of Deb Cockerell's ebullient personality. James is a pharmacist and film buff.

SSO: more teens at the Superheroes concert

SSO teen fans

Wheeler Bryson, AJ King, Holly Minard and Sophia Kostelanetz. Two of their classmates were performing with the SSO: violinists Natalie O'Connor and Callie Jamar.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

516 Soundstage: Josh Coker fronts MarsVegas / photo Brett Roman

MarsVegas: Josh Coker, singer-guitarist, Chadwick J, drummer / photo Brett Roman

Mars Vegas played the Jam For a Cause and headed across the river to pound the patrons at Diver Down Lounge in Bossier City, says MarsVegas bassist Brett Roman. Rob Peterson, artist and indy rock show producer, says "I think Mars Vegas and Dirtfoot are two of the best acts to come out of this place in a decade."

Jam for a Cause Benefit for cancer research on Texas St: DeArmond

Jam for a Cause Benefit: DeArmond

Not that there will be cancer research being conducted on Texas St. Not directly. But charitable benefits indeed have a rock'nroll home on Texas at Mark Goff's 516 Soundstage.

Drummers Chadwick J and Lane Bayliss / photo Brett Roman

Chadwick J and Lane Bayliss evaluating the vibe on Texas St/ photo Brett Roman

There would be no Gettin on the Good Foot for MarsVegas or Dirtfoot without these two movers and shakers.

Shriner art: the mini-car and their sinuous contrails / photo Brett Roman

Shriners produce kinetic art for the Holiday In Dixie parade / photo Brett Roman

Plus ca change, plus la meme chose, eh?

MLP actress Charity Schubert & her mom at The Dresser

actress Charity Schubert and her mother

Enjoying MLP's The Dresser was Centenary College actress Charity Schubert. She has made her mark in 2 Neil LaBute plays and other productions and has recently returned from a year in France. She was accompanied by her mother, inasmuch, she admitted, as her Irish beau is out of the country.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Neil Johnson and Pearl Serbanic / photo MichaelGMoore

Neil Johnson and Pearl Serbanic

Prima Tazza: photographer Neil Johnson, on his way to the movie on Saint Theresa with Laura Gehrig, and artist Pearl Serbanic. Photo by Michael G Moore.

Serbanic opening: writer-entertainer Robbie Cluck

Serbanic opening: writer-entertainer Robbie Cluck

Cluck reports that he has been accepted at the California Institute of the Arts, in Oakland.

Prima Tazza: Byron Gates, Roger Browder

Prima Tazza: Byron Gates, Roger Browder

Designers Byron Gates - always with the clever ideas - and laid-back Roger Browder at the Serbanic opening.