Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Barataria Bay / robert trudeau pen-and-ink 2010

The people of Barataria Bay are somewhat isolated denizens of an aling Gulf estuary that is, really, not that far from New Orleans.

Their tradition is that of the buccaneer Jean Lafitte. He organized a band of impoverished Creoles - French, Spanish, Italians, etc - to make money from the war between Spain and England. Lafitte, with his brother, Pierre, was a trader in slaves as well sundry goods which avoided the tax system.

So the people of Barataria Bay, vaguely outlaws and certainly not mainstream Americans, make their humble way of life as fisherman, guides, hunters, bar tenders, boat makers, and laborers. Until the next disaster arrives. Then, with some luck, they will make a few dollars serving the inquiring media.